Thursday, February 19, 2015

More Than a Meal

A few Sunday's ago I was fortunate enough to enjoy an amazing brunch at a local restaurant named Brutti’s in Downtown Portsmouth. The selection and freshness of the all-you-can-eat buffet was more than I bargained for. Anybody who really knows me knows how much of a love affair delicious food and I have-but I digress. 

Fresher than the food, more filling, and certainly more empowering, was the assemblage of ladies that I joined to connect with, to vent, express concerns of defeat and delay, and to gain inspiration. The (future) Dr. Shaunita Sykes, founder and CEO of Coi Styles Brand has created a safe networking space for women who are or are aspiring to become entrepreneurs. 

The Ladies Love 2 Brunch Event was an exciting opportunity centered on inspirational and self-reflective dialogue. More than a meal, the Ladies Love 2 Brunch Event was a three hour motivating, yet gut-wrenching reality check. Connecting with these like-minded women forced me to reevaluate myself and admit that I have been living out my fears instead of my dreams. The key word one of the ladies used during the open forum was, “complacent”. It’s painful to actually admit the extent to which my complacency had enthralled me. This networking event led to a moment of self-reflection, undressing what I have successfully disguised for years. I realized that I no longer recognized myself. I used to be so focused and goal oriented. I had a plan for my life at one point and milestones that I had planned to reach by this stage in my life. I realized that I Somehow had allowed life to take the wind out of my sail. 

The discussion facilitated by (future) Dr. Shaunita Sykes was a blessing that has already helped to manifest change in my life. Where I currently work keeps food on the table, but it provides no fulfillment and frankly gifts me with migraines more than I care to admit. My life’s change won’t occur over night, but I have created an exit strategy-curb my spending, save my coins, and create a branding strategy. In a few weeks I will launch my new website that will help to cultivate more readership. With much prayer my gift will make room for me and I’ll continue to make moves that align me with my purpose. 

If you are looking to connect and network with great women who genuinely want to see each other win, stay tuned for the next Coi Styles Brand Ladies Love 2 Brunch Event. There will undoubtedly be some great take-aways that will encourage you to live your dreams and help motivate you to foster the life that you want. 

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